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A Japanese text analyzer for intermediate/advanced Japanese learners and native Japanese speakers. It provides morph analysis, proofreading aid, kana kanji conversion, and ruby annotation.


Morph Analyzer (形態素解析)

Performs morphological analysis. It breaks down text into parts of speech and gives furigana and the other information of them. Tap to copy furigana/romanized baseform or perform Google translate/WWWJDIC word search (postpositional particles and auxiliary verbs won't be translated). Max input length is 1770 kana characters.

Proofreading Aid (校正支援)

Provides proofreading aid. It catchs (not all) mis-conversions, misuses, uncommon expressions, and inappropriate expressions and gives suggestions (if applicable) and reason. Tap the result to highlight. Max input length is 1770 kana characters.

Kana Kanji Converter (かな漢字変換)

Converts hiragana to kanji. Tapping the result opens the Copy dialog and selecting a word shows the current clipboard content. Hit "Copy" to clear the clipboard content and send the selected word to the clipboard. "Copy Append" appends the selected word to the current clipboard content. Max input length is 80 kana characters.

Ruby Annotation (ルビ振り)

Puts ruby (furigana) on words. Ruby level (all, 1st-6th grade, JH+, general) can be set in the Preferences. Tap to copy furigana/romanized or perform Google translate/WWWJDIC word search. Max input length is 1770 kana characters.

Dependency Analysis (係り受け解析)

Performs dependency analysis. Max input length is one sentence (truncated at the first " 。").


Clear Text, Strip Whitespace, Strip URLs

Clear Text (テキストをクリア)

Clears the text in the editor.

Strip Whitespace (空白を除去)

Strips whitespace (blank, zenkaku blanks, and new line characters).

Strip URLs (URLを除去)

Strips URLs. Stripping whitespace first may cause this to fail.

Preferences (設定)

Application ID is optional but getting your own Application ID gives 50000 requests for each function a day. Otherwise, the built-in Application ID is shared with all the users of this application which could exceeds the allowed number of requests (least likely though).

Change History:

v1.0.9 (02/01/2011)
- it seems the main WWWJDIC server is down. Option to choose a mirror site added.
  1. Japan - Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
  2. EU
  3. USA - Electronic Dictionary R&D Group
  4. Sweden
  5. Canada - National Research Center
- default ruby level changed to the 1st grader level

v1.0.8 (02/01/2011)
- keeps input text history (up to 10)
- improved list view performance

v1.0.7 (01/18/2011)
- light theme added
- missing ja translation fixed
- app size reduced by 7%

v1.0.6 (01/13/2011)
- WWWJDIC word search added
- bug fix

v1.0.5 (01/08/2011)
- Dependency Analysis added
- Morph Analysis/Ruby results can be copied
- "Strip Whitespace" strips zenkaku characters now.
- "Strip URLs" added
- minor wording changes

v1.0.4 (01/06/2011)
- Ruby option - Ignore Duplicates added
- Google translate added to Morph Analyzer & Ruby results
- "Strip Whitespce" menu is context sensitive now
- proofreading icon fixed

v1.0.3 (01/05/2011)
-force close issue on large input fixed (max = 1770 kana chars now
 except kana kanji conversion)
-"Strip Whitespace" menu added

v1.0.2 (01/04/2011)
-kana kanji converter force close issue fixed

v1.0.1 (01/02/2011)
-progress dialog added for slower connection

v1.0.0 (01/01/2011)
-the initial release