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Henry W. Coe State Park

This is my favorite park. Mississippi Lake offers the best bass fishing spot.
  1. Rainbow Trout (Coyote Creek w/ spinner, China Hole w/ fly)
  2. Largemouth Bass (Bass Pond/Frog Lake/Mississippi Lake w/ worm/popper)
  3. Bluegill (Bass Pond/Frog Lake w/ worm)
*You have to walk for 6-8 hours to get to Mississippi Lake. Very streneous trail.

Lexington Reservoir County Park

Lexington reservoir has rainbow trouts stocked during trout fishing season.
  1. Rainbow Trout (marshmallow/castmaster(gold))

Coyote Lake County Park

Joseph D. Grant County Park

Sanborn Skyline County Park

Echo Lake, El Dorado County

Near Lake Tahoe. Both lure/bait work good here.

Loch Lomond, Santa Cruz

Los Vaqueros Watershed

New Brighton State Beach

This is the best perch fishing place I know. Dig out sandcrabs and use them as bait.

Bean Hollow State Beach

Santa Cruz Wharf

Lands End Sutro District, San Francisco